Things To Do In The Philippines

The things to do in the Philippines are as many as the number of islands the Philippine archipelago has.

With 7,107 islands, travellers has 7,107 sure ways and things to do in the Philippines to ensure their fun and enjoyment during their stay here in the Philippines – the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

One can choose from many activities like water sports, or go treking and exploring the mountain ranges and the caves of the Philippines. The different white-sand beaches and numerous, beautiful travel destinations offer some of the settings to have fun and enjoy life, as it is, here in the country.


With a light travel gear and a guide. One can feel adventure – the Filipino way – through the different mountain passes, unspoiled caves, and trekking routes of the Philippines.

Island Hopping

Island hopping in the Philippines is one of the most effective ways to get to see the different beautiful travel destinations in the country. A cheap, simple ride in a motorized banca can take you to as many islands as you want at reasonable rates. An added value to this activity is that you get to see the colorful marine life of the Philippine waters.

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Some say that the Philippines is Asia’s Dive Capital. This must be true considering the beautiful dive sites found all around the Philippines. One can go to Panglao Island, Boracay Island, El-Nido in Palawan, or in Puerto Galera to experience the joys of diving. Diving trainings are provided by professional divers from the different dive centers sprouting all around the country.


Feast and Eat Local Cuisines

The Philippines is bustling with mouth-watering filipino food cuisines cooked with recipes influenced by cooking styles from around South-East Asia and other parts of Europe and the West. These exotic blend of different cooking styles provides for a delectable and sumptuous meal – the Filipino way.

Enjoy the Sights of Filipino Culture

Each town in the Philippines celebrates fiesta or a festival in honor to a particular saint or to give thanks to the Almighty for buontiful harvests or a good life or health. Philippine festivals are colorful ones. People parade in the streets in brightly-colored costumes, dancing with the beat of drums and musical instruments. These fiestas and festivals are “must see” activities. They complete one’s life and travel experiences in the Philippines.


Shopping/Malling in the Philippines

Shopping or malling is a favortie leisure in the Philippines. This activity is best spent with family and friends or a love one. Shopping areas and malls are found everywhere in large Philippine cities, especially in the Metro Manila area. One can pass the time in every shopping mall by enjoying the different programs held inside or shop for anything at cheaper prices.

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