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Romblon, the island province, actually consists of smaller islands which number about twenty and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and scenic waterfalls hidden in its lush mountains.

It is located at the heart of Central Philippines, Visayas region and has fourteen towns spread across the province.

Mainit Falls, Tablas, Romblon Province

Romblon, Sibuyan and Tablas are the main islands where commerce is usually done. The seat of provincial government and trading center is in the city of Romblon. It has a sheltered harbor which is used by island boats to ferry people to and around the different islands of the province.


The main pier and airport is found in the town of Tablas where the most of the Romblon’s magnificient waterfalls are located namely Garing and Mainit Falls in Odiongan, Dubduban-Bita Falls in San Agustin and the Mablaran Falls in San Andres. White sand beaches line Romblon province, especially in the town of San Jose or widely known as Carabao Island where the province’s most beautiful beaches are located. Some of these beaches are Poctoy, Calagunsao, Tugdan and Canyayo Beaches.


Aside from being famous for its beaches, Romblon island is also known for its fine deposits of marble which it usually exports to different countries. No wonder Romblon is aptly named the “Marble Country of the Philippines.” Handicrafts also abound in Romblon, most women in the island get their income from this industry.

The people of Romblon, mostly Visayans, are mainly engaged in farming and fishing. The farmers’ primary products are rice, copra and abaca. Fishermen harvest the bounty of the surrounding seas. Romblon is also famous for its traditional weaving and basketry. Handicrafts are a major home industry in which the women are engaged. The province is noted, especially, for it fine and delicate crochet laces and bedspreads.


As with most beautiful beaches, Romblon’s beaches offer a stunning view of the sunset. The scenery often puts a visitor in a dreamy state seeing the sun kissing the beautiful beaches as it go over the horizon.


Where to Stay in Romblon?

Romblon Plaza Hotel (Romblon, Romblon): Tel (078)507-2269 or 2277 or 2169 or 2488

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