Pandan Island

Pandan Island, Mindoro, Philippines


Beach in Northern Mindoro

Beach in Northern Mindoro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boracay may be the ultimate tourist destination in the Philippines. However, in recent years more beautiful beaches have been discovered around the Philippines due to the bustling number of tourists that enter the country.


One of these beaches lies in the quite island of Pandan, off the coast of Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental. Pandan Island’s long powdery stretch of white sand beach rivals that of Boracay’s. Pandan island is somewhat like Boracay sans the large number of tourists enjoying the sun and sea.


While enjoying the island’s sand and relaxed living, plan a sidetrip and have a dip in its waters to see the Apo Reef. This reef is home to hundreds of sea species which are colorful and exudes the fullness of life beneath the sea waves. Divers can also see some shipwrecks with coral growths teeming with life. This contributes to a more picturesque underwater life.

Life in Apo Reef

There is an air of exclusivity when one is in Pandan Island. Although, electricity is absent in most parts of the island, the silent nights near the sea creates a de-stressing solitude best spent on a hammock while staring at the wide expanse of the universe teeming with shooting stars across the heavens racing with each other.As the sun rises over the horizon, try snorkeling on its shallow waters and tread the waters along with small fishes for that complete calming experience.


You can reach this island paradise by sea from the Island of Bataan’s pier to the Wawa Pier in Abra de Ilog, Mindoro Occidental. From there, ride a bus bound for San Jose where it will pass through Sablayan. You can ask around for the departure time of some boats that ply between Pandan Island and Sibuyan in mainland Mindoro. I’m sure they will get you there.


Where to Stay in Pandan Island?

Pandan Island Resort (Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental): Manila Tel (02)526-6929, Fax (02)525-1811

Atlantis Resort Hotel (Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental): Telefax (043)723-9160

Big Apple Dive Resort (Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental): Telefax (0912)308-1120, Manila Tel (02)526-7592

Coco Beach Island Resort (Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental): Manila Tel (02)521-5260 & (02)524-4594, Fax (02)526-6903

Asia Divers Scuba Diving Center El Galleon Beach Club (Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental): Manila Tel (02)834-2974, Telefax (02)551-8063

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