Pagudpud Island

Pagudpud Island, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

The coastal resort town of Pagudpud is located in Ilocos Norte bounded by the towns of Bangui and Adams and the province of Cagayan in Northern Luzon, Philippines.


The town possesses white-sand beaches with pristine, crystal-blue waters which makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the country. It lies about 72.5 kilometers north from the provincial seat of government, the city of Laoag.

Pagudpud is widely considered as the Boracay of the north. Its waters beckon you to take that relaxing dip as soon as you see those curling blue waves touching Pagudpud’s white sand shores. Its magnificent beaches are set against a backdrop of deep-blue sees and towering mountains. These beaches are considered as the best beach area of the entire Ilocos region.


Pagudpud’s beaches are not yet spoiled much by human tourism. In fact


some of the beaches are not yet Beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippinescommercialized, there are still cottages made of nipa and bamboo for accomodations with that local tropical feel. The town itself is just as rural as any other rural communities in the country, making a vacation a peaceful one here.


If you want to escape the heat of the sun in the beach, you can engage in other activities like trekking, or joining other nature land adventure. Try to experience the local food or get acquainted with the locals which are more that willing to help in making your Pagudpud travel adventure a memorable one. Truly, the Filipino hospitality can be experienced here.

Inexpensive resorts line the white sand shores of the town. Usually, an affordable minimum fee of about $5-$7 is charged for a simple nipa hut where you can lazily spend the day feeling the sea breeze kiss your cheeks. However, one can opt for a more luxurious accomodation which can be found in Saud Resort, which charges about $35-45 a night for a single room.

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