Legalization of Residence of Aliens

Sec 41. (a) Any alien in the Philippines at the time of the passage of this Act concerning who no record of admission for permanent residence exits or can be located may apply to the Commissioner of Immigration for legalization of his residence in the Philippines. The application shall be made in the form and manner prescribed by regulations issued by the Commissioner. Any alien in the Philippines, whose record of admission for permanent residence does not exist or cannot be located and who shall fall to legalize his residence in the Philippines as provided in this section, shall be presumed to be unlawfully within the Philippines. [As amended by Republic Act No. 503, Sec. 14]

(b) If the Commissioner of Immigration finds that the applicant – (1) entered the Philippines prior to the effective date of this Act; (2) has maintained a residence in the Philippines since he entered; (3) is a person of good moral character; and (4) is not subject to deportation – the Commissioner shall make a record in the Bureau of Immigration that the applicant’s residence in the Philippines has been legalized.

(c) An alien whose residence has been legalized in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be deemed to have been lawfully admitted into the Philippines as of the date of his entry.

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