Festivals of the Philippines

The things that make the Philippines much more exciting and colorful to visit are the different festivals held in every town of every province in every island of the Philippines as long as a community of Filipinos reside in it. The country prides itself with much colorful Philippine festivals as the number of beautiful islands the country has.

The celebrations range from holding of town fiestas, commemoration of national heroes, honoring patron saints, to festivals of thanksgiving for a good harvest or just plain festivities to enjoy what good life has to offer.


Every town fiesta held is a splendid celebration on its own. Each town has its own particular style of cuisine and delicacies offered to any guests. Of course, it wouldn’t be a fiesta without the lechon (roasted pig) served at the center of every household’s table. Because of the religious nature of the Filipinos, celebrations are also held in honor of the place’s patron saints. Some of these festivals are the Sinulog, Pahiyas and Bocaue Festivals.

These colorful festivals are held all year round in different places in the country on all months of the year.

Featured Festivals

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The Dinagyang Festival

The Dinagyang Festival is a reknowned religious festival in the Philippines. It is held in the province of Ilo-Ilo every January, in the month’s fourth week. This colorful festival is celebrated by the Christian faithful in honor of “Señor Santo Niño” – the Holy Child Jesus Christ >> more on Dinagyang Festival.

Masskara Festival

One of the most picturesque festivals in the Philippines is that which is annualy held in Bacolod City, the Masskarra Festival. The streets gleam with so much color, different combinations of colors which would be enough to paint a beautiful canvass, that just looking at the whole spectacle puts you in a state of euphoric awe. It’s a feast for the eyes >> more on the MassKara Festival..

sinulog sinulog

Sinulog Festival

Held on the third Sunday of January, the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City is a celebration of color and ecstatic dancing in honor of the city’s Señor Santo Niño, the city’s patron saint. The festival has become one of Cebu City’s top tourist attractions which led to the increase of tourists visiting the city >> more on Sinulog Festival..

These Philippine Festivals continue to evolve every year into more colorful, striking yet quaint, and memorable celebrations of faith and culture which feature a distictive filipino identity.

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