Boracay Island

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One of most visited tourist spots of the Philippines, Boracay island in the Philippines boasts some of the finest white-sand beaches in the country. It is located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, approximately 315 kilometers (200 miles) from Manila, the capital of the Philippine archipelago.

Within the island lie the White Beach, about 3.5 kilometers long, and Bulabog Beach which are Boracay’s two primary beaches often visited by tourists. They are located opposite of each other within the central part of the island.


The White Beach faces westwards and Bulabog Beach faces the early morning rays of the sun. Although White Beach is the primary tourist destination in Boracay, several smaller beaches also line the Boracay coast. Boracaay accommodation, hotels, Boracay beach resorts, lodging houses and restaurants are found along the beaches which extend for more than four kilometers.

Boracay island offers different kind of leisure activities which include

White Beach, Boracay

diving, snorkeling, relaxation, windsurfing which is very common in Bulabog beach. Bulabog beach is also a kiteboarding area due to its location which face the wast winds that sweep along Boracay’s coastlines.

Specifically, the island is situated in the northwest part of Panay region in Western Visayas. It is about 7 kilometers long, narrowly-shaped at its central part. Its land area is about 11 square kilometers. Along its coastline stretch smaller white-sand beaches namely Manoc-Manoc, Yapak, Diniwid and Puka Shell.


Go to this island paradise by way of Caticlan in Malay, Panay.

Where to Stay in Boracay Island?

Villa de Oro Boracay (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-5456 or (036)260-3070

Boracay Regency Resort Hotel (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-3011, Fax (036)288-6777, Manila Tel (02)523-8707 or 8708,

Boracay Beach and Yacht Club (Malay, Aklan): Manila Tel (02)526-8888 local 9509 or 9513

Club Panoly Resort (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-6111, Telefax (036)288-3134, Manila Tel (02)525-5153, Fax (02)525-9092

Club Ten Beach Resort (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-6024, Fax (036)288-3638

Pearl of the Pacific Beach Resort (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-3220, Fax (036)288-3961, Manila Tel (02)926-0162

Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort (Malay, Aklan): (036)288-3409 or 3755, Fax (036)288-3061

Sea Wind (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-3091, Fax (036)288-3425, Manila Tel (02)416-4010

Friday’s Boracay (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-6200, Fax (036)288-6222

Paradise Garden Resort Hotel (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-3411, Fax (036)288-3557, Manila Tel(02)894-2293 or 0884

Le Soleil de Boracay (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-6118 or 6209 to 12, Fax (036)288-6118

Pink Patio Resort (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-3888 to 3999, Fax (036)288-3177, Manila Tel (02)845-2222 to 27

Waling-Waling Beach Resort (Malay, Aklan): Tel (036)288-5556 to 60, Fax (036)288-4555

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